About Vanguard Logistics Services

The world’s premier LCL provider
Vanguard Logistics Services is the leading neutral freight consolidation service, offering forwarders and customers of all sizes the world’s largest owned LCL end-to-end network, unparalleled schedule integrity, and industry-leading information technology applications. Founded in 1978, Vanguard has been steadily expanding its reach ever since. We now have over 120 owned offices spread across more than 30 countries, employing over 3,000 people and offering in excess of 1200 direct services every week. Including trusted partners and agents this network expands our footprint to more than 100 countries. Vanguard has also been consistently adding to its capabilities, building a range of value-added services around its core competency, Less Than Container Load ocean freight consolidation. As such, we have become a one-stop shop for many partners looking for speed, frequency and control in the NVOCC market.

What hasn’t changed since our beginnings, though, is our approach. There’s a lot in a name: the word “vanguard” means “forefront”, and at the forefront of the industry is where we’ve always been, offering more and more coverage, ever greater frequency, and increasingly innovative customer solutions.
The Vanguard operating principles
Our strength lies in our five operating principles, which guide our business decisions and represent clear commitments to our customers.
1. Global integration
By maintaining an owned network worldwide, we can ensure consistent, reliable end-to-end service. Where we extend our network with partners, they too are integrated into our processes and network.
2. Compliance and performance
Our high degree of integration allows us to ensure both regulatory compliance (C-TPAT, SOLAS, and DG global) and operational excellence: schedule integrity, cargo security, and sailing frequency.
3. IT driven
We don’t see information technology as a bolt-on, but as a central component of our service, offering our customers access to our highly effective logistics software and integrating seamlessly into their own systems and products where required.
4. Specific product experts
Our team has best-in-class expertise across a full range of products and value-added services, from our core competency LCL into our proprietary CFS network, warehousing capabilities, and hazardous cargo leadership.
5. Management structure
We combine global reach with personal contacts. Thanks to our transparent management structure, customers all over the world always know exactly who to talk to in their country or region.
Vanguard is expanding at speed, opening more facilities and pioneering new routes and solutions every year, but never compromising on these strict operating principles. In fact, our growth and our standards go hand in hand – and combine to make us the world’s premier LCL provider. For information about how we can put the Vanguard network to work for your business,contact us today.
The world’s premier LCL Provider

Vanguard Logistics ServicesはニュートラルのNVOCC業界(LCLの混載サービスを専門に行う業種)において、すべてのフオワーダーや顧客に対して世界一の規模を持つエンド・ツー・エンドのネットワーク業界の先頭にたつリーディング・カンパニーである。
1978年に設立されていらい、Vanguardは安定した成長をとげ、 現在、世界120か所の自社オフイスをもち、30か国以上、3000人以上の従業員を雇用し、1200以上の直行サービスを毎週、行っている。また、パートナー契約をしている国を含めると100か国以上においてネットワークをもち、営業をしている。 Vanguard は一貫して、競合他社に先駆けてLCLの混載サービスを充実させてきた。 NVOCC市場において求められる速さ、サービス頻度を含む一か所ですべてのオーダーができるワン・ストップ・ショップとなっている。
設立以来、何も変わっていないもの - それはアプローチである。 会社名である、Vanguardの意味は先頭を意味し、業界において先頭に立つものとして、常に我々はサービス範囲を拡げ、頻度を増し、顧客ニーズを満たすように常にあり方を考えて刷新をはかっています。
The Vanguard operating principles
1.Global integration
2.Compliance and performance
質の高いインテグレーションにより企業コンプライアンス(C-TPAT、SOLAS危険品)と スケジュールの正確さ、貨物の安全性や出航頻度などの業務改善を行っております。
3.IT Driven
質の高いIT技術を生かし、弊社のロジスティックス・ソフトウェア やシステムへのアクセスを通して、顧客のニーズにこたえます。
4.Management structure

Vanguardはそのサービスにおいて常に、早く、頻度を高め新しいルートを開拓するよう、努めておりますが、妥協はありません。 我々は常に成長をするように努めております。


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